Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress

Scientists are only now starting to understand how trauma impacts one's neurology, biology, physical health, mental health, and social economic status. Neuroscience is coming closer to understanding how the brain changes with trauma and how the body holds traumatic events in cell memory. 

Traumatic events are internalized by one's body, mind and soul (your system). When you endure a traumatic event, you are unable to fully process the experience because your system is solely focused on keeping you safe. As a result the experience becomes internalized. Then when you experience a 'trigger' (something that reminds your system of the traumatic event) your system reacts as thought you are facing the original traumatic event. This can create great distress and anxiety.

Whatever event has caused you unease, we can work to process it. We can work towards finding the freedom and peace from it that you deserve.