What is Counselling?

Counselling is about being willing to process that which is negatively impacting you and your life. If you are exploring counselling you are likely seeking growth, change, or healing. Healing Spaces will do everything we can to support you in whatever your counselling goals may be. 

Healing Spaces creates a warm and welcoming space to explore your current situation, with the focus on how to create a brighter tomorrow. Facing challenges and difficulties takes courage, desire, and the belief that something could be better.

Healing Spaces believes, with focus, commitment, and support we all have the ability to heal ourselves and would be honoured to support you for this leg of your journey. 

What is counselling like?

If you have never been to counselling, it can be a strange experience. You may have questions about the process or uncertainties about opening up. Healing Spaces offers a free phone consultation, prior to the first session, to discuss your current situation and any concerns you may have. 

We hope to understand your story and support you move to where you want to be. She hopes to identify blocks that may be preventing you from arriving and support you as you move closer.