December is Upon Us

This is always a time of busyness, connection, family, friends and often high energy! Some people thrive in this season, gaining energy from the pretty lights, glistening snow, and plans of feasting with loved ones. Others struggle with the darkness, the cold and a sense of loneliness amongst expectations to connect. Many of us lie somewhere in between finding some joy and some stress and we do our best to manage regular life on top of the expectations of the seasons.

Consideration of one’s own limited resources of finance and energy are important to contend with. Balancing one’s own hopes and dreams for the holiday season amidst expectations can be a balancing act, let alone the limitations of only being able to be in one place at one time!

Our Wish for You

This Holiday Season, our wish for you is to have a gentle and fulfilling time, no matter what you do.

We hope you find a way to balance your energy out with the time you deserve to recover in solitude.

We hope you enjoy some delicious treats with loved ones and find space to move your body.

We hope you enjoy the quiet of the dark and revel in the sparkle of the lights.

We hope you have someone you feel love for and find a way to express that love is a gift of spending time together.

We hope you can find space to pause in the busy ‘hustle and bustle’ of the season and see that at the core, this season tries to give us a chance to carve out time to spend with loved ones and create joy together.

Happy Holidays from the Healing Spaces team.