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Virtual Time Management Workshop For Individuals Living With Chronic Pain or Fatigue


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Are you are constantly budgeting your energy out and evaluating the energy ‘cost’ to an activity?

Are you are juggling building in time for rest & recovery while wanting to participate and create a full life?

Do others not seem to understand that time and energy are different for you?


This online course offers an opportunity to connect with others and learn how to better manage your time based on YOUR unique needs.

The workshop is available to everyone, anywhere throughout Canada on Zoom. Benefits can also be claimed if you have coverage for Canadian Certified Counsellors!

Watch this video to learn more about our time management and chronic pain workshop.

The course is $400 per registration. It includes:

  • 4 virtual workshop sessions with Canadian Certified Counsellor Alicia Norman
  • A completion certificate
  • A Healing Spaces resource booklet
  • An unlimited and lifelong access to Kelsey via email

Class size is limited to 10 attendees.

10 in stock

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Time Management For Individuals Living With Chronic Pain or Fatigue

Join Canadian Certified Counsellor Alicia Norman in this virtual workshop to explore how to move towards solutions. 

By joining this workshop, you can discuss within a community of peers, how time management is different for those who suffer from chronic pain or fatigue. You will learn ways to honor what you and your body need as your pain and energy levels change, allowing you to create space to do the things you enjoy doing.


About Alicia

Alicia is a 6+ year cancer survivor, counsellor, and a lifelong planner who lives every day with chronic pain. She uses her professional insight and personal experience to find ways to thrive despite her physical pain. One of the practical ways that she’s done this is through managing her time from a wellness perspective.

She’s passionate about sharing tips, education, and therapeutic techniques with others so they too can learn how time can be hacked to help manage chronic health conditions/pain (and thrive despite it!).


For more information, please download our information booklet.


Workshop Dates & Location:

4 Course Sessions – included with your registration

On Wellness Wednesdays – May 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th


Via Zoom, available anywhere in Canada!


Cancellation Policy:

Reimbursement is possible up to 14 days prior to the course start date.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops in fall 2023!


If you have any questions, please contact Kelsey at kelsey@healingspaces.center!

Additional information


4 Wednesdays
May 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th


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