Time management is not easy for those with chronic health conditions or fatigue, but the tips, education, and therapeutic techniques presented throughout this course can help make your life more manageable, and enjoyable too.

Throughout this online course, you will guided towards building your calendar and to-do list around your wellness needs and pain/fatigue flares. We will discuss effective ways to manage your chronic pain/fatigue or injury, creating buffer times to help flex your schedule and create space for the things you enjoy doing. 

Who is this workshop for?

This is course is for you if…

You are constantly budgeting your energy out and evaluating the energy ‘Cost’ to an activity.

You are juggling building in time for rest & recovery while wanting to participate and create a full life!

Others don’t seem to understand that time and energy are different for you.

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Nearly 8 million Canadians live with chronic pain.

If you live with chronic pain or fatigue, you know that time management is different for you. Join a community to talk about it!

This course will teach you ways to honor what you and your body need as your pain and energy levels change.

Watch these videos to learn more about managing your time with chronic health conditions, pain or fatigue.

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