I’ve got the ‘long nights, short days, end of the year’ blues!

Short days, long nights. Much to do and little energy.

It might seem unfair that the winter is when we have the busiest time of year. But it is also can be a blessing as we have something beautiful and light to look forward to! This season might feel even bleaker without a special holiday. But how are we supposed to make it through? There is so much to do and with less light often we can feel more fatigued. And yes… there there is COVID.

This year is different from past years without question. We are facing new difficulties, fears and challenges. How are we possibly supposed to navigate all this? Do the best you can- and ensure you have lots of self-compassion.

Seasonal Affective Disorder? Winter Blues? COVID Blues?

What is the different between winter blues and seasonal affective disorder? People with seasonal affective disorder have a diagnosis of major depressive disorder. They struggle so significantly with depressed mood, weight gain, and low energy for at least two winters that they have had to seek medical support. They have watched their patterns and noted big differences in moods from winter to summer.

Winter blues, on the other hand, is less extreme. It might still come with low mood, weight gain and energy, but it isn’t to the extent that you need to seek medical advice. You find lifestyle changes that help you manage your mood in the winter months.

This is also true for most people struggling with adapting to our COVID world.

There are lots of things you can do to help your mood in the winter months including:

  • light therapy
  • embracing the winter and creating ways to enjoy it
  • focusing on positives/gratitude
  • getting physical
  • staying connected with friends/family
  • not expecting yourself to be able to uphold your summer routine

Watch this video for more tips to getting through the winter blues!