Fees Apply in North Vancouver, Kamloops, and for Online Counselling

Counsellors are available for online therapy or for in-office sessions at the Healing Spaces offices in Kamloops and North Vancouver. The standard fee structure below applies to all sessions, and is based on therapist experience and qualifications.

Counselling Payment Structure

The payment structure is for 50-minute sessions.

GST will be applied to all sessions.

Individual Counselling Couples Counselling Family Counselling
Practicum Student $75.00 $95.00 $95.00
Junior Counsellor $130.00 $130.00 $130.00
Counsellor $150.00 $170.00 $180.00
Senior Counsellor $165.00 $185.00 $195.00
Clinical Director $195.00 n/a n/a

For co-pays with insurance

Victim Services $70.00

Please note:
Extensive emails or phone call communications are billed in 15 minute increments ($45.00 plus GST per 15 minutes).
Documentation: Base fee of $150.00 plus GST for up to 60 minutes time to prepare documentation. Any additional time with be billed in 15 minute increments ($45.00 plus GST per 15 minutes).

Direct Billing Benefit Claims For Counselling Services

Most extended health, short term or long term disability benefit packages cover the services of a Registered Clinical Counsellor.

At Healing Spaces, we now offer direct billing with Green Shield, First Nations Health Authority and Worksafe BC, making your mental health care journey financially more convenient.

You can now have your counselling sessions billed directly to your insurer, minimizing any out-of-pocket expenses and simplifying the payment process.

Specific coverage for registered clinical counsellors under extended health care plans can vary widely among insurance providers in British Columbia, Canada. To find out which extended health care providers cover registered clinical counsellors, you should contact individual insurance companies directly or review their plan details.

Reach Out with Questions

The Healing Spaces team is dedicated to assisting you on your mental health journey, and our goal is to simplify the financial aspect as much as we can. For any inquiries, contact us.

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