It’s around this time of year I start to think about the winter season and how energy and mood levels change in the winter.

Have you ever noticed:

  • That you feel lower energy in the winter months?
  • That you prefer gentle or quiet activities?
  • That your body changes – perhaps a bit cozy & soft?
  • That your mood is a bit more solemn?

If you answer YES to one or more, you are perfectly on track!

It makes sense that in the winter we have a different energy level than we do in the summer months. But guess what? Society has taught us that lower mood/energy and having a soft/cozy body are not as good as high mood/energy and having a rigid/tight body.

If we think about the bears – they hibernate.

If we think about the squirrels – they squirrel away food.

If we think about the grass – its growth slows.

Why – because it’s winter folks!

We don’t have the same access to the sunlight or daytime that we do in the summer months and so our bodies have evolved to adjust accordingly.

It makes sense that we ebb and flow with the seasons we are connected to.

Research has found when we honor our bodies and allow them to move naturally with the seasons there is a far greater ease and sense of contentment.

When we resist these natural calls from our bodies – we can cause greater distress. For example – I don’t really want to go running today, it’s cold. “Oh, but you SHOULD go running. That is what you told yourself you would do, and it doesn’t matter if it is unwelcoming outside, suck it up and go for a RUN!”

Our self- judgements and expectations can cause distress and can impact our moods.

What if instead you embraced the gentle season of winter, without judgements?

Can you

  • Allow yourself to have quiet and gentle days
  • Enjoy some molasses cookies or butternut squash soup
  • Cozy up with a loved one or solo inside and savour it