I see you sneak into my mind and try to trick me that things are not going to go well.

I see you sneak into my mind and convince me that the experience I had was worse than I thought.

I feel you sneak into my body and make my stomach flip. 

I feel you sneak into my body and make my heart beat fast.

I watch as you cause me to second guess my choices.

I watch as you cause me to think I am not good enough. 


I remember you are not me and I try to find my airway.

I remember ‘thoughts are not feelings’ and I start to doubt your power.

I find a pause as I breathe slowly into my belly.

I find space as I stop for a moment to confront you. 

I feel secure as I orient myself to the space around me. 

I feel secure as I reconnect to my inner strength. 


Anxiety can be so tricky to see when it’s happening.

Anxiety tricks us into thinking it’s real. The things anxiety worries about and tells us to worry about seem so real in the moment. Our thoughts spin, our body vibrates and we can’t see clearly. 


Ground. Pause. Slow down your system. 

See anxiety in action and watch as it loses its power!


You might have heard me say anxiety and fear are our friends. No – I don’t mean that in a trite therapy way. I mean that really truly from me to you. I mean that because when anxiety happens, if we can see it happening, it can remind us that something is up. It can hold us accountable to take inventory. What is going on for me right now? What is working? What do I need to do differently? 


Sometimes the world’s gifts come in strange packaging :) 


For more check out my latest free resource all about what anxiety is and how to live with it in your life as ‘that annoying and yet loveable roommate’. Also keep an eye out for the re-launch of my fear to courage workshop coming spring 2023!