Here at Healing Spaces, I have created what I lovingly call ‘the book nook’. This was a non-negotiable when I was looking for the best location for Healing Spaces. I know there are many ways other than paper to engage with reading material. Audiobooks and reading online have many perks to them. For me, however, I do have a love affair with paper books – turning the pages, dog-earing the corners, making notes to engage with the material, and writing in them my own reflections.

I am one of those ‘less fashionable’ individuals who feels a romance when wandering around book stores and whenever I travel – a must-see is the local used book shop.

What am I reading now?

Self-Help Book Suggestions

Some of my go-to recommendations for books and self-help are:

Recommended for: Understanding how stress impacts our body and our health.

I love how this book is broken into small chapters and cites case studies all about people with different health ailments and the role stress has had in their lives and how it might be impacting their health.

Recommended for: Understanding and starting to heal trauma.

Peter Levine purports that trauma is a response to a traumatic event and is not defined by the event but by the internal experience and response to the event. He helps us understand why our bodies respond to trauma in certain ways and makes it very accessible.

Recommended for: Overcoming fear.

If you ever struggled with fear – check out this great book/workbook hybrid! Ellen Duffield helps us see how we have learned to interact with fear in our lives and how we can grow bravery on the backs of fear.

Recommended for: Relationships – not just married couples!

I appreciate how this book includes activities you can work on with your partner and normalizes difficulties! 69% of difficulties in committed relationships are perpetual and ongoing. If we can understand how to respond to each other, engage in caring communication about these difficulties and practice closeness daily, we might just have the recipe for a fulfilling relationship!