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Olessia Axenova

Practicum Counsellor

Location: North Vancouver and Virtual

Are you feeling stuck or confused? Perhaps life doesn’t feel like you imagined it would or should. Maybe you feel like something needs to change but you’re not sure what — or how — exactly. Maybe you’ve tried a few things but didn’t quite get the results you desired?

Hey, life is tough, I totally get it! More so at certain times than others. I believe we are inherently wise and strong, and know that sometimes we stumble or fall and need a little help to overcome our challenges, heal, and grow into the person we want to become.

I have yet to meet a person who has a rich life and depth of character who had it easy. I believe that life’s challenges can be a source of transformation and deepening of life’s experience. Our struggles are openings and opportunities to rediscover our greatness and experience life a little more deeply, so that one day we can proudly look back and say, “wow, what a journey that’s been!”

I also believe that life is richer in connection with ourselves and others. Although relationships can be challenging, complicated, and confusing; good relationships are healthy and healing, joyful and rewarding, and a secure base to explore the wonders of life from. I work with people to help bring them in alignment with relational goals they have for themselves.

I bring a calm, warm energy to my practice with individuals. Whatever your challenges, I welcome all of you. Let’s explore what’s happening for you and see how you can get closer to a life that feels a little lighter, brighter, and more meaningful for you!

Other Certifications and Experience:

I am a certified yoga instructor and have been teaching for the last few years. When leading classes, my intention and invitation is to deepen your connection to yourself and develop flexibility not only in your body, but most importantly, in your mind. I have also sat in multiple silent meditation courses, learning and practicing vipassana, which is a form of mindfulness meditation, and I bring that awareness to my practice.

Prior to teaching yoga, I had a career in corporate/finance. I also briefly worked as an Instructional Assistant at a college and for a local organic farm. Throughout the years, I have volunteered at various meditation centres, supporting folks in sitting meditation courses.

In my free time, I like to go on adventures, hike, rock climb, bake, snowboard, and occasionally forage for mushrooms.

Therapeutic Approaches:

Because each individual is unique, I practice from an Integrative approach. This means I pull from various theories and therapies, including: Existential (helps clients understand themselves, their values and desires, as they journey towards their inherent wholeness); Acceptance and Commitment (helps clients align their behaviours and life with what matters most to them); Solution-Focused (a brief form of therapy focused on finding ways of approaching specific issues); Attachment (a way of understanding how we establish and maintain connection with others); and Somatic (connects our life experiences to how they live in the body).