BHAGs are what dreams are made from. They are the lofty dreams that we hope to live one day. We want to live our ideal life, but how do we get there? Often it requires a lot of courage as we brace to face our fears, overcome and pursue our dreams.

Do You Have A Goal?

What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal? What would you dream for yourself if you could dream anything? I’m not talking about wishing you won the lottery or wishing for a flashy car, I’m talking about what would bring you closer to living your ideal life.

It Starts With A Dream

Take a moment, close your eyes and dream about what you would change about your life. Think about all the things that you would want more of and the things that you would want less of. Think about what you would change about your day-to-day life and how you would live a life with more passion, love and joy.

What Are Your Roadblocks?

Now envision that which gets in your way of getting closer to that ideal life. What gets in your way of moving closer towards passion, love and joy? Is it something within your own locus of control or outside of your control? Are there small things you can do that will inch you closer towards it?

One of the ways we can move closer towards a life of our dreams is if we dream about where we want to go, take note of where we are now and take small steps towards where we want to go.

Break It Down

We have to often break our BHAG’s into smaller more attainable steps. And along the way, encounter and grapple with fears. Fears of limiting beliefs, fears of not being deserving, fears of not being good enough, or fears of not being able to attain and live whatever we dream.

It’s Up To You

What limiting belief(s) get in the way of you attaining your dreams?

What fear is preventing you from attaining your BHAG?

I would encourage you to make a list and consider challenging one of those fears. What is the proof that fear is actually true? How is that fear preventing you from doing what you want? Are you willing to build some courage as you encounter and work to overcome that fear?