Well – we made it!

Against popular belief we did. Congratulations on completing another year here on earth as we bear witness to remarkable events, some experienced in different contexts and some not yet experienced in many of our lifetimes.

  • A global pandemic
  • Division between fellow humans based upon beliefs
  • Unearthing over 6000 unmarked graves nationwide on the sites of historical Residential Schools
  • Climate change in action: wildfires, floods, loooong arctic air being pushed through (British Columbians will understand)
  • Trying to manage daily in life

That is a lot to have happened in one year, let alone all the experiences you have had in your own personal life this past year.

So let me ask you this… given we can’t change what is happening in our ‘outside world’ – that which is outside of us – how can you change your ‘inside world’ to make your experience more in alignment with how you want to live?

“Oh goodness Kelsey, it is early. Can you please not counsellor-speak and speak English instead?”

What do you want the rest of your life to look like and how can you move closer towards that?

“Kelsey, I said it’s early. You are starting with such a whopper!”

Can you take some time to reflect on the intention behind your goals for the next little while? Instead of making a New Year’s Resolution or two, how about you connect to an intention and then revise it later to see if it is still working?

Curious about how setting an intention could impact your world?