I am going to be brutally honest.

This year has not really been my friend so far!!!

It has thrown a few curveballs, shall I say. I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of it all, but holy macaroni!

Sometimes I wonder if ‘there is something in the water’ because at certain times, everyone around me seems to be in the thick of it at the same time. Now has been one of those times. If I encounter someone who has been tame, settled and grounded I am floored as they seem to be the outlier. They must have the antidote to whatever was in the water!

So let me ask you – how are you doing this year so far? Has it been a bit bumpy or smooth sailing?

This year has made me reflect on what we do at Healing Spaces.

People come to us because they are struggling with life. I joke that counselling is for everyone because ‘life’. I mean, life throws us around and knocks us down and we need to find a way to exist through it all. We don’t choose what comes our way but we do have some choice about how to move through it all.

We talk a lot about trauma at Healing Spaces.

I don’t know anyone who has not experienced traumatic experiences or has trauma living inside of them. Trauma or life? Sometimes I wonder if these words are synonymous with each other. Do you know anyone – who you really truly know – that hasn’t experienced a traumatic event? And the thing about trauma is that we can’t compare traumas to other traumas.

Trauma is trauma and pain is pain.

So if you have somehow escaped the challenges of the year so far, if you are a lucky one who has the antidote to whatever is in the water this year, well – I envy you a little bit!

If you have struggled this year – join the club and know you will get through this. You will be okay. Perhaps a bit bumped and bruised, but you will be okay. The sun will rise tomorrow.