Have you ever felt like a failure?

I have been exploring my own identity as connected with this idea of being a failure lately.

It hasn’t been super fun, I give you that, but it has been really helpful actually! INSERT SHOCK AND AWE! 

At first, I was nose-deep in self-deprecation. I was thinking that everything I tried to do wasn’t working and so that must mean everything I touch turns to mud and I am the common denominator, so that must mean I am a failure.

Fail Forward?

YUCK! Knee deep in shame. I internalized what I was doing that wasn’t working as an indicator that I was no good.

As my exploration of the idea of ‘being a failure’ continued, I stumbled across the term ‘fail forward’. At first, I was a bit skeptical. Come on, fail forward. That is just an opportunity to relinquish responsibility for one’s own actions and try to dive into self-compassion. I call B-S.

Holy Smokes Was I Wrong!

I learned that failing forward is actually probably more true that my internalization of failure to shame.

I learned that failing forward meant I could untangle what didn’t work and use it as an opportunity to launch forward into my next action.

I learned that a fail or flop is actually an indication I am pushing my own limits and deserve to be celebrated!

What do you think about the term fail-forward?

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